From observing our friends' kitchens we noticed that the chopping board is often kept on stand-by on the kitchen work top. It is also common to use the same knife when cooking a meal. Chopping Block and Loft Knife brings these two related objects together.

185 x 275 x 40 mm - cypress wood with internal magnet to hold knife, stainless steel

Chopping block & Loft knife is the first collaboration with Oliviero Zanon


We love cycling. For the Eastpak Artist Studio project we replaced the top strip of the rucksack’s pocket with 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material. The strip functions as a reflector and will make cyclists more visible to drivers.


Name Stamp is a stamp template for Japanese characters.
It turns the characters into a tidy, graphical artwork.

Name Stamp can be stored upright alongside other stationary.

46 x 108 x 15 mm - Sycamore wood, dowel
Available here


A collection of accessories for the MacBook Pro and iPhone
13", 15" & 17" MacBook Pro & iPhone 3G & 3GS cases
Shoulder bag - padded embossed material, soft lining
Available here


A body sponge that rains on you in the bath
165 x 98 x 50 mm - PU foam
Available here and Beyond the Valley, London



Pencil case re-appropriates one traditional Chinese calligraphy mat into six contemporary pencil cases
85 x 17 x 8 mm - felt, red zip
Available here


A mug that aims to remind you to water your plants after your cup of tea
74-86 diameter x 89 mm - porcelain  


Mac bag is an everyday, water-resistant bag that borrows details from the manila envelope
24.7 x 35.5 x 22 mm - waxed cotton, natural felt lining, polyester padding, plastic & rubber cord
50 Mac bags made and distributed prior to the launch of the first Macbook Air