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CLICKABLE painting from 躁動 Restless cover, 2017

Questions from:

Around March 2020:

How are we changing our daily lives during/after this? How are we sharing our resources today, such as isolated forms of transport, an underused room and the money in our bank accounts? How do we continue to practice mutual aid in and from places of restriction? What is to be (un)done? How do we share our collective knowledge and practices with each wave of this pandemic?

January 2022:

Under different but shared constraints, how do we contribute towards and participate within the collective, and their many constellations? How can solidarity be expressed and practiced in every day life, such as with the food that we eat and the projects/relations that we gravitate towards? How do we practice mutual aid in daily life? (Feel free to share)


How to Beat Coronavirus Capitalism
Farm Hack
Solidarity Economy
Films for Action

Rising Majority Teach-In with Naomi Klein & Angela Y. Davis
A free picture book about coronavirus by Francesca Cavallo
Red May schedule
Radical May schedule

The Artivist Network
Designing for Movements
Reading group

Third Time Lucky? (Agriculture and coronavirus links at the end)
Is factory farming to blame for coronavirus? by Laura Spinney
Agriculture and Pandemics: From Indeterminacy to Solidarity

'This is a moment of learning, a moment of growing, but this is also a call to action. We are in a moment of crisis but we're also in a moment that is requiring us to be our boldest, most powerful selves.' — Thenjiwe McHarris

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躁動 Restless

Fictional stories free for download below

躁動 Restless
Canned Coffee
塑膠灘 Plastic Beach

颱風前夕 Before the Typhoon
東京ドーナッツ Tokyo Doughnut
Durians, Oranges, Apples & Bananas
吉田の小さな庭 Little Yoshida Garden
雙喜籃子 The Double Happiness Basket

1 April 2020

Inspiration, 3 April 2020


Michael Leung is an artist/designer, researcher & visiting lecturer



Dear OT, PRÉCÉDÉE (10—23 January 2022)
Photo by Alexandre Gaeng

Just in Case, Asia Art Archive
Chapter 1 (6 December 2021–15 January 2022)

The Collective, 2020

Part-time Pedagogies: Introducing Three Places for Emancipatory Learning

中文 / English (extended text here)
Graph Commons

Collective Notes
Self-published, 2020

Bilingual edition, 2020

Solidarity Street / 同心大道 / 路上の連帯
Published by 黑書舍 Black Book Press, 2017
Edition 2 available soon

街坊排檔 Kai Fong Pai Dong
Illustration by 飛天豬 Flyingpig

How does a gathering become a "happening," that is, greater than a sum of its parts?
One answer is contamination. We are contaminated by our encounters; they change
who we are as we make way for others. As contamination changes world-making projects,
mutual worlds—and new directions—may emerge.

— Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing,
The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins

'New Territories Organic Veggies' banner painted by Ding Ting, an estate agent artist, 2022

棚仔 Pang Jai Fabric Market
棚仔手巾 Pangkerchief

橫洲 Wang Chau
花 (土與石,靈與歌) Flowers (Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs)
橫空出世的大樹菠蘿女人 The Emergence of the Jackfruit Woman

香港農業 Hong Kong Agriculture


Solidarity with the ZAD double-sided poster
Collaboration with ITWST & Jon Yu, 2018
Working for the Commons (zine below)
Working for the Commons (Par 2)

ZADIBAO 17 janvier 2019
Les Battements du Bocage

香港農民曆 The HK FARMers' Almanac 2014-2015
Spring Workshop Residency

HK Farm Agriculture Zines shelf
Featuring Two Gingers, a collaboration with Maggie Prendergast, 2016
Food colouring relief print, 300 gsm cartridge paper

加辣圖書館 Add Spice Library
A collaboration with Yat Long and workshop participants, Chongqing, 2018
Organic chilli pepper seeds, zines, Chongqing growing calendar


Neighbourhood gardening and apiary project, Matera, 2019
Social practice, woodwork, zines and secondary school workshops

Huang Home Soon
Nusantao Soundscapes, 2018

Performative sound piece! Huang Home Soon. Click above to listen

Making Kin #1: Solidarity with Aarey
Art Together Exchange Project, Mumbai, 2018

Watercolour painting, 102 x 100cm

Planet Earth: Mumbai's Leopards
Warli painting by Mahesh Bariya, 2018

Solidarity with Aarey, 2020

Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell, 1933
Woofer Ten Residency, 2013
Mango King collaboration

Enjoy these plants

Many Undulating Things film poster, 2019
Watercolour painting collage

Hong Kong Dérive poster for students, 2018
Chinese ink

The Institute of Barbarian Books
2018 logo

Plant Face by HK Farm
Photograph by Glenn Eugen Ellingsen


(English below)



The Hong Kong Botanical Commons
Street Kitchen: Food as Commons

Critically Engaged projects





SSS 圖書館


訪問 1 2 3 4 5 6



Just Xiăo Stories

A Fictional Gesture
for Small Projects for Coming Communities

Upcoming 2022 sharings: International Conference on Food Futures

A directory of Hong Kong's craftspeople

Alternative pedagogy:

Relaxing English Lessons
Social Design Now!
Pang Jai Summer School
The Hong Kong Botanical Commons

Street Kitchen: Food as Commons
Part-time Pedagogies: Introducing Three Places for Emancipatory Learning (extended text here)

Critically Engaged projects
A book for design students

Wanwu Practice Group

New book chapter in Right Research: Modelling Sustainable Research Practices in the Anthropocene (2021)


The Third Space
Land Art Camp

Asia Art Archive

SSS Library
and Notes
Second-hand bookshops in Hong Kong

The Weinstein Catalyst

Interviews 1 2 3 4
5 6



Just Xiăo Stories
Monthly fictional stories in 冯火

A Fictional Gesture
for Small Projects for Coming Communities

Little Yoshida Garden is in Dark Mountain: Issue 17 (2020)

我們相遇之處 Where We Meet, 街坊排檔 Kai Fong Pai Dong, 2017

之前 Before

HK Honey, 2011

HK Salt, 2013

HK Farm, 2013

上海街工作室 Shanghai Street Studios, 2014

碧街18號 Pitt Street 18, 2014

碧山村 Bishan Village, 2015


印祭品 Printable Offerings, 2009–


小說 Fiction

Available soon



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In his solitary tours through the woods, human encounters were, if rarer, of a sort to impress themselves on his mind, encounters with people whom we don't normally meet. — Italo Calvino, The Baron in the Woods